« Metalfist EP », first cloud rock appearence ?

Hello everyone,

First, I must tell you what’s « cloud rock ». Cloud rock appeared lately, too lately to have more than a hundred of bands that appear every months. But actually, the first real cloud rock musician is Metalfist… And this is exactly the subject of the first post of this website, so this actually… This one !

« Metalfist EP », a little extended play (EP) by Metalfist, a new progressive rock, death and post-metal musician. It is not really one of his official works, even if this is one of his first appearence. His first album is previewed for 2016, and named « The Lizard » – Even if in July 4th, we will have « Growing Lithium », but this will be a bonus one. But « Metalfist EP » came first. Released in February 1st, this extended play is fully instrumental, but this already lays the foundations of cloud rock. A melodic and simple rythm, but long musics for the most of the time, with a lot of guitar sounds, and some keyboards. Cloud rock comes from progressive rock, and we can hear some prog influences, « The Thief » and « Only » the first ones, ’cause of the saxophone rythm for the first mentionned and the eight minutes for the second one. « Holy Death » has got also very death and black metal references (blast beats, distorded guitars…). But when « The Lizard » will release, what will happen for the cloud rock’s future ? And about « Growing Lithium », this bonus album ? Only Metalfist knows !

Our note:
3 stars



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